Poker Wizards

Poker Wizards 14,95 €

Dunnet Warwick.

Poker Wizards: Poker Strategy from the World's Top No-Limit Hold'em Players.
Páginas: 352.
Cardoza Publisher. 2008.

An exclusive collection of champions and superstars have been brought together to share their strategies, insights, and tactics for winning big money at poker, specifically no-limit hold’em tournaments.
This is priceless advice from players who individually have each made millions of dollars in tournaments, and collectively, have won more than 20 WSOP bracelets, two main event championships, 100 major tournaments and $50 million in tournament winnings!
This must-read book is a goldmine for all serious players, aspiring pros, and future WSOP champions! 


Dunnet Warwick, a Boeing 747 Captain with a large US-based cargo company by trade, found that his prize winnings from poker tournaments rivaled his income as a professional pilot, and has become an avid player and fan of no-limit hold’em.

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