Secrets of non standard sit & go's

Secrets of non standard sit... 18,50 €

PHil Shaw.

192 páginas.

2010. D & B Publishing.

Idioma: inglés.


If you think you know sit & go... you must think again!

The sit & go format (single table tournament) is one of the most popular ways to play poker.
The classic sit & go usually consists of ten players sitting at one table and playing for three prizes pools. But this is not the only possible format: there are many other ways.

In this book Phil Shaw navigates you through these exciting variants and explains how you can make them profitable:

  • Heads-up or face to face (two players).
  • Sit & go played across two tables.
  • 45 players and 180 players.
  • Another No Limit games: Pot-Limit Omaha, Stud, Razz, Triple Draw and Hi-lo games.
  • Step systems for satelites (players can win entries to live tournaments).

As well as a deep examination of the correct strategies for all these events, Secrets of non-standard Sit and go's also analyses the most effective way to capitalise on rakeback and reward programs.