Catching Poker Cheats

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A. D. Livingston.

Catching Poker Cheats: Illustrated Methods of How Hustlers Take Your Money

Páginas: 432.

The Lyons Press. 2005.

A. D. Livingston's indispensable and fully illustrated guide on to how to detect and protect yourself against cardsharps when playing poker, blackjack, gin rummy, and bridge at the table or online.

If a sucker is born every minute, 525,600 are brought into the world every year, plus 1,440 more in a leap year. To keep you from being one of them, A. D. Livingston shows you how to recognize and deal with cheats by offering the most complete, detailed, and up-to-date descriptions of the techniques cheaters use when gambling.

Beginning with the eyeing of marked cards, false shuffles, and shifty cuts, Catching Poker Cheats helps to inform the uninformed who would otherwise be susceptible to hustlers and con artists. Livingston also delves into the new world of online poker and poker tournaments and explains why he considers bridge to be the world's most crooked card game, why blackjack is a dealer's game, and why you should never play gin rummy for large stakes in the presence of kibitzers.

Catching Poker Cheats offers tips on keeping these and other popular games honest.
Filled with practical information, Catching Poker Cheats is also laced with entertaining anecdotes that help drive its lessons home and help reveal the diversity, ingenuity, and mystique of a profession that thrives on human gullibility.